The Rassemblement pour la laïcité launches its new 2016 declaration


The Rassemblement pour la laïcité (RPL or Alliance for Secularism) recently launched its new declaration, entitled La laïcité, la seule issue possible (Secularism, the only possible solution) and with subtitle Secularism is the only coherent model to promote integration and democracy for Quebec. The declaration is signed by more than 85 public figures, including the author-composer-singer Gilles Vigneault, filmmaker Bernard Émond, as well as actor and director Denis Bouchard. In addition, a number of Quebecois of North African origin are associated with the declaration, including Nabila Ben Youssef, Leila Lesbet and Nadia El-Mabrouk.

At the launch of this new déclaration at the RPL press conference of novembre 2nd 2016, in Montreal, the following individuals took the podium:

  • Djemila Benhabib, prize-winning author and secular activist
  • Karim Akouche, author
  • Simon Pierre-Savard-Tremblay, author and sociologist
  • Mehdi Nabti, author, composer, musician
  • Marc Laviolette, former president of the CSN trade union federation
  • André Lamoureux, political scientist and spokesperson for the RPL

You are invited to sign the RPL 2016 declaration, which updated the RPL’s previous declaration of 2013 entitled Secularism: A Unifying Principle and which garnered more than 62,000 signatures.

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