In the News: Canada Should Boycott Saudia Arabia

Une guerre que le Canada doit gagner (A War Which Canada Must Win), Loïc Tassé, Journal de Montréal, 2018-08-11.

Considering the extreme reaction of Saudia Arabia to Canada’s declaration criticizing human rights abuses in that country, and in particular the Saudi decision to boycott Canadian wheat and barley while continuing to sell oil to Canada, journalist Loïc Tassé takes the position that the Canadian government should respond with similarly strong measures. Why continue to buy anything from the Saudis since they have cut off all their purchases from Canada? The Saudi regime is as disreputable and ignominious as was the South African regime under apartheid. Canada should simply boycott Saudi Arabia completely.

See also:

  • What Canada should do about Saudi Arabia, Irwin Cotler, The Globe and Mail, 2018-08-10.
    (The author is international legal counsel to Raif Badawi and Ensaf Haidar.
    He takes a more moderate position than that of Loïc Tassé described above.)

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