In the News: Fake News of Hijab Scissor Attack

Hijab scissor attack against 11-year-old did not occur: Police, Jenna Moon, Toronto Star, 2018-01-15

Police say the events described did not occur. […]

Toronto Police say they have concluded that an incident reported Friday in which an eleven-year-old girl’s hijab was cut as she walked to school, did not happen. Police had been investigating the alleged incident as a hate crime and now say their investigation is concluded. […]

The alleged assault spurred reactions from all three levels of government, with Mayor John Tory, Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau all condemning the attack.

Crying Wolf

We must never lose sight of the fact that, among the various propaganda tools of political Islam, (1) promotion of the veil and (2) playing the victim are favourite strategies. Thus, this fake news story is exactly the sort of hoax which can be used to guilt-trip the public and promote the false concept of “Islamophobia.” In the words of Tarek Fatah, “Why are 11-year-old girls wearing the hijab? We are a society that accommodates all, but not the Swastika or the KKK cone hat, but when it comes to the flag of the fascist Muslim Brotherhood, the hijab, we give it the benefit of the doubt.” Indeed, the veiling of young girls is a form of child abuse.

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