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Tiffany McAteer, Canada

Abdur Rab, France

Jamie-Lee McLean-Davis, Canada

M M Ahsan Habib, Canada

audrey colman, Canada

Jim Atherton, Canada

Roman Korol, Canada

Connie Armsworthy, Canada

Ervin Õunapuu, Estonia

김준엽, South Korea

Mateo Malvar, Canada

[Name withheld by signer], Canada

Leo O\'Rourke, Canada

Ekaterina Temkin, Canada

kevin cullen, Canada

Martyn Forbes, Canada

Patricio Flores, Canada

Don Spencer, Australia

Thomas Cragg, Canada

Jim Elliott, Canada

César Calvo, Colombia

Barry Wolframe, Canada

Mike Lake, Canada

Muchie Mangena, Canada

Darryl Kingston, Canada

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