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Atheist Census Canada

Please participate in our Atheist Census Canada. Having been initially launched in Quebec, our census now extends to all of Canada.

Our LPA-AFT Atheist Census is for residents of Canada only. Whether or not you participate in our census, you are strongly encouraged to participate also in the Atheist Census sponsored by Atheist Alliance International (AAI) of which we are an affiliate.

Our LPA-AFT census is independent of AAI’s. The data are not linked. The data we collect are somewhat different. For example, to register you must enter the first half of your postal code. This will allow us to distinguish respondents from different provinces.

The email address which you must enter for our census is used only to send you a confirmation email. It is not recorded as such in our database. Only a one-way encrypted version of the email address is stored so that we can exclude duplicate registration.

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