AFT Bulletin, 2021-03-23

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World Atheist Day 2021

Join us on March 23rd with the hashtags: #AtheistDay #IAmAtheist #AtheismMyRight

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“Islamophobia” is Blasphemy

Position adopted by AFT, 2021-03-20

“Islamophobia” is neither an offence nor a crime, just as blasphemy is neither an offence nor a crime, and … both are simply two sides of the same phenomenon: strategies used by religious obscurantists in order to stifle any criticism or questioning of their religion. [We] must oppose any measure, any law, any resolution whose purpose is to repress criticism of religions, regardless of which term—“blasphemy” or “Islamophobia”—is used.

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Upcoming: The “Islamophobia” Scam

AFT on-line event, 10th April 2021

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Laws Restricting Face-Coverings and Religious Symbols

Updated 2021-03-15

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Blog 121: Controversy about Islamoleftism in France

Islamoleftism is a degenerate form of left-wing politics in which the priority which the left traditionally accorded to questions of class is now replaced by the defence of minorities, especially Muslims, as if Muslims constituted the new working class (as in Marxist ideology) or the new chosen people (as in Abrahamic mythology). […] Its history goes at least as far back as the Iranian revolution of 1979…

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Secularism in the Republic and Canton of Geneva

“Given Geneva’s reputation as the international capital of human rights, it is reasonable to predict that… the law will be found consistent with Swiss, European and international law.”

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Thank You Donors!

Many thanks to each and every one of you who have donated to our Legal Fund.

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Legal Fund

Fundraising Campaign for our Court Intervention in Support of Bill 21

Bill 21

We, Atheist Freethinkers, intervened before Quebec Superior Court in the case against Quebec Bill 21, An Act respecting the laicity of the State, defended by the Attorney-General of Quebec. Our intervention was as a friend and in support of Bill 21, that is for secularism. We seek the support and solidarity of anyone who, like us, supports secularism and recognizes the landmark importance of Bill 21 and the necessity of defending it against the well-funded and reactionary forces who are attempting to turn back the tide of secularization of the Quebec State.

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