AFT Bulletin, 2022-06-06

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Meetup 11th June 2022, 4:30 pm

Our first in-person meetup in two years!

Meetup at the restaurant USINE GRECQUE LE VILLAGE, 1345 Ontario East, Montréal

(Beaudry Metro station, then walk northward to Ontario St.
Or Sherbrooke Metro station, Berry exit, then downhill towards Ontario St.)

Suggested Topic of Discussion: The Trudeau government’s “Action Plan on Combatting Hate.” Is it a scam?
Will it include opposing hatred of Quebecers?

See our press release on this subject. Welcome all! Please note the time of 4:30 pm.

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Blog 139

Priorities for Secularism in Quebec

“Attacks against Bill 21 and against Quebec from the rest of Canada are becoming increasingly vicious, especially since the hysterical reaction to Bill 96 from some spokespersons for English-speaking Quebecers. Opponents of Bills 21 and 96 weaponize anti-Quebec prejudice for their partisan purposes. They lie about Bill 96, just as they spread falsehoods about Bill 21.”

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RPL Press Release, 2022-05-11

Motion before the House of Commons
Canadian Parliamentarians Stuck in Premodern Times

“The Rassemblement pour la laïcité (RPL) is concerned by the overwhelming rejection of the Bloc Québécois motion asking for abolition of the prayer at the beginning of each session of the House of Commons. That prayer, imposed upon Members of Parliament and clerks, clearly constitutes a violation of the freedom of conscience of those who do not believe in God or who embrace a different worldview.”

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23rd May 2022
National Patriots’ Day

“That any union between Church and State is hereby declared to be dissolved, and every person shall have the right freely to exercise such religion or belief as his/her conscience dictates.”

— Declaration of Independence of Lower Canada, February 1838

Patriots’ Flag of Lower Canada
Patriots’ Flag of Lower Canada
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson, author of the Declaration

Quebec : in the vanguard of secularism in 1838 & in 2022.

Video: The “Islamophobia” Scam

Video of the On-Line talk by David Rand

“Accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ are the 21st century equivalent of accusations of ‘blasphemy.’ The purpose of both types of accusation is to condemn and repress criticism of religions.”

“If the suffix ‘phobia’ is interpreted in the strict sense of an irrational fear, then ‘Islamophobia’ does not exist, because to fear a religion is not irrational.”

“If, on the other hand, that suffix is given the more general meaning of simply a fear, then ‘Islamophobia’ is just a fear of Islam, a fear which is rational, reasonable and necessary, especially if we are talking about the fundamentalist variant of Islam known as ‘Islamism’ or ‘political Islam.’”

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Seeking Volunteers!

We are looking for members willing to volunteer for several committees, taking on various tasks for AFT. For further information, see the announcement in the members forum.

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Four Good Causes

For Bill 21 and for the reunification of the Badawi family.

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