AFT Bulletin, 2023-05-08

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Collective Letter Against the Office of Elghawaby, over 200 signatories

Amira Elghawaby’s Office does Not Facilitate Constructive Dialogue

“We, Quebecers and Canadians of all origins, women and men, wish to express our opposition not only to the nomination of Ms. Amira Elghawaby but also to the very office of special representative on combatting Islamophobia.
After displaying so much prejudice against Quebecers, Ms. Elghawaby simply does not have the moral authority to hold such a position. In order to build bridges and pursue a constructive dialogue, one must be able to inspire confidence. Her belated apology under intense political pressure seems more coerced than spontaneous.
[…] we see no benefit to this appointment or to the position itself.”

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2023-04-01: Warsaw, Atheist Days, Talk by David Rand

Comparison of English and French Models of Secularism and the Importance of Universalism

Presentation given by the author at Atheist Days 2023 in Warsaw, Poland, organized by the Kazimierz Łyszczyński Foundation in collaboration with the Fundacja Wolność od Religii (Freedom from Religion Foundation).

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2023-04-29: Atheist Society of Melbourne, Talk by David Rand

“Stillbirth, The Failure of Secularism in the English-Speaking World”

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In the News: Secular Ontario Supports Bill 21

We have learned from the secretary of Secular Ontario that the Board of that organization has adopted a resolution in support of Quebec Bill 21.

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In the News: Ottawa Must Stop Funding the NCCM

Collective letter, signed by some 40 persons, including the president of Atheist Freethinkers, asking the federal government to cut all funding to the National Council of Canadian Muslims which repeatedly denigrates Quebec and Quebeckers, as part of its campaign against Bill 21, and makes false allegations about the effects of that law.

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Meetings of Atheist Freethinkers

AFT On-Line Meeting, Saturday 13th May 2023, 2:00–4:00 pm

Presentation by Jean Thibaudeau (in French) :
« Proposition de modification des Chartes pour supprimer les privilèges religieux »
(Continuation of our March event)

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AFT Monthly Meeting, Saturday 10th June 2023
In-person event. Location to be announced.

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