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Solidarity with Djemila Benhabib

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2017-05-08: The Quebec Appeals Court rules again for Djemila!

2016-12-13: Victory for Djemila!

Djemila Benhabib

Djemila Benhabib, author and activist, winner of the 2012 International Prize for Secularism and finalist for the 2013 Simone de Beauvoir Prize, is currently being sued by Muslim Schools of Montreal because of remarks she made during a radio interview with Benoît Dutrizac. Djemila Benhabib has been working diligently for years to denounce Muslim fundamentalism, its infiltration strategies and its hegemonic ambitions both in Muslim countries and the West. This lawsuit is first and foremost political and ideological.

We affirm our support for Djemila’s freedom of expression. We encourage you to donate to the Campaign to support Djemila [5] to cover her legal fees.

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