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[1] click here to see them all on one page: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/

[2] god is a placebo: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/placebo_en.pdf

[3] Apostasy is a human right: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/apostasie_en.pdf

[4] Only the dishonest fear freedom of speech: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/expression_en.pdf

[5] Health = no disease, Atheism = no religion: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/sante_en.pdf

[6] Blasphemy is not a crime: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/blaspheme_en.pdf

[7] Atheism is freedom.: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/atheisme_en.pdf

[8] The vaccine against religion is called reason.: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/vaccin_en.pdf

[9] This kitchen certified neither halal nor kosher.: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/cuisine_en.pdf

[10] We fight against disease because we respect the ill. We fight against religion because we respect believers.: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/respect_en.pdf

[11] I do not mind believers, as long as they behave like atheists in public.: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/croyants_en.pdf

[12] Homophobia: Virus transmitted by religions: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/homophobie_en.pdf

[13] The control of human sexuality by religions creates widespread misery.: https://www.atheology.ca/pdf/slogans_2016/sexualite_en.pdf

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