AFT Bulletin, 2023-02-22

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On-Line talk by Jean Thibaudeau (in French)

AFT On-line Event, 11 March 2023, 2 pm

“Abolir la protection juridique accordée aux PRATIQUES religieuses”

For the primacy of rationality in social rules: Abolition of the legal protection granted to religious PRACTICES in Human Rights Charters.

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Talk at Book Launch of Stillbirth

The Failure of Secularism in the English-Speaking World

“Are Anglophones congenitally incapable of understanding that a religious belief is not qualitatively different from a political opinion or a non-religious philosophical conviction? […]”

“In summary, the opponents of Bill 21 systematically sowed confusion by essentializing religious affiliation and ignoring freedom of conscience, thus completely disregarding a major aspect of secularism. So what can be done in the face of such excesses, such folly?”

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Press Release, 2023-02-02

AFT denounces Trudeau’s appointment of
a religious fundamentalist to
the role of combatting “Islamophobia”

“Justin Trudeau demonstrates once again his resolutely pro-religion bias and reveals the same reluctance he showed following the murder of Samuel Paty in France: to guarantee freedom of speech, including the right of everyone to criticize religions.[…]”

“The Prime Minister’s inappropriate and irresponsible action sows discord that risks engendering the very violence which he claims to be fighting.”

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Amira Elghawaby’s Office does Not Facilitate Constructive Dialogue

Collective Letter with over 200 signatories

“After displaying so much prejudice against Quebecers, Ms. Elghawaby simply does not have the moral authority to hold such a position. In order to build bridges and pursue a constructive dialogue, one must be able to inspire confidence. Her belated apology under intense political pressure seems more coerced than spontaneous.[…]”

“The wording of the position states that it will be about combatting religious intolerance. In order to be more effective and consistent in a State governed by the rule of law, we suggest instead that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reform the Criminal Code, whose section 319, dealing with public incitement to hatred, grants impunity if such hateful speech is based on a religious opinion or text.”

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