AFT Bulletin, 2021-12-09

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“Introduction to Atheism”

On-line event, 2021-12-11 [in English]

David Rand, AFT president

An overview of some of the basic principles of atheism, including:

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Secularism: Is It Just a Stage?

On-line discussion, 2022-01-08 [in French]

Is secularism an end in itself, or just a first stage in the fight against religious obscurantism?

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Blog 127: Morality Without God?

Pierre Marchand

Is religion the source of morality? Many believe it, […] But this belief does not hold water. Indeed, which commandment or which religion prohibits slavery, human trafficking and pimping, cannibalism, rape, pedophilia, genocide, torture, stoning, genital mutilation, kidnapping and drug trafficking, when all these things are repugnant to civilized humans. Which commandment or which religion advocates gender equality and freedom? […]

So we do not need religion in order to have morals. Worse still, a moral system based on religion and the so-called “will of God” is harmful, because it only reflects the prejudices, whims, conceits and ignorance of those who wrote those famous sacred texts.

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Blog 128: The End of Western Civilization?

Pierre Marchand

For its part, American culture is decadent, which only accelerates the decline of the US. With its anti-intellectualism, contempt for educated people, conspiracy theories, rejection of facts and science and cult of money as the only thing of real value, the USA is, in short, heading for disaster. The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few is reaching an unacceptable level.

Furthermore, Americans are incredibly narcissistic. They believe themselves to be the “Chosen People of God” and conceitedly declare American exceptionalism. They see themselves as a model of democracy, a model they would like to impose on the whole planet. And yet, they are not even able to hold fair elections, without cheating.

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Blog 129: Lessons from the Muslim Association of Canada

David Rand

The MAC course, available on the organization’s website, is entitled Dismantling Islamophobia in Schools […] The videos present a very sugar-coated image of Islam. Apparently, the “Islamic worldview” includes “a deep respect for the dignity and diversity of mankind.” This is laughable, as anyone who has read the quran or a few hadiths can attest. The discourse of the two instructors repeatedly conflates religious affiliation with race in order to present any criticism of Islam as “racist.” […]

The module on “Islamophobic Laws and Policies” denounces Quebec Bill 21, claiming falsely that it is “against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Thus, the course deliberately overlooks Article 29(2) of the U.N. declaration which stipulates that rights may be limited “for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others” which is precisely what Bill 21 does.

The same module claims that CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), CSIS, RCMP and CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) all have Islamophobic policies. Apparently the MAC will not be satisfied until all of Canada’s security agencies are thoroughly crippled, no longer able to investigate Islamist groups or take preventive measures against them.

This odious set of videos has no place in any school, except perhaps in an advanced course in critical thinking, preferably at the college or university level, where it could be used as a case study in egregious propaganda. Certainly children should not be exposed to such indoctrination.

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