AFT Bulletin, 2021-11-30

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“Introduction to Atheism”

On-line event, 2021-12-11 [in English]

David Rand, AFT president

An overview of some of the basic principles of atheism, including:

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Yasmine Mohammed Event Postponed

Unfortunately, the event “Free From Hijab” with Yasmine Mohammed, originally scheduled for 11th December 2021, is postponed, for health reasons, until sometime in the new year 2022.

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Secularism: Is It Just a Stage?

On-line discussion, 2022-01-08 [in French]

Is secularism an end in itself, or just a first stage in the fight against religious obscurantism?

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Video: Gilbert Corniglion, 2021-11-13

Video of Gilbert’s talk about Jerusalem, its history, its politico-religious significance [in French]

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Blog 126: In Defense of Western Civilization and Science

Pierre Marchand

“Our civilization gave birth to modern science which in 200 years has allowed humanity to advance from the horse-drawn carriage to the exploration of Mars, from the feather plume and parchment to the smartphone. It has taught us to harness energy in order to provide electricity to almost the entire planet. Who can do better? We should be proud of our civilization rather than ashamed. We must not allow wokism or other movements to guilt-trip us.”

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Blog 125: The Inappropriate Modesty of Quebec Secularists

David Rand

“If religious affiliation is essentialized, held to be an intimate and inviolable characteristic of the individual, then freedom of conscience has been jettisoned! Both freedom of and from religion are completely lost. No. This is unacceptable. Such a program does not merit the label ‘secularism.’ […] Those in the English-speaking world who call themselves ‘secular’ but oppose religious symbol bans are acting hypocritically. Cultural differences may explain this situation, but they do not excuse the hypocrisy.”

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Save Afghan Atheists!


“atheism and Islam don’t go side by side and according to the Islamic Sharia Law, atheists are infidels and subject to severe punishments and death, […] We call upon those who are working for atheism to help us evacuate from Afghanistan as we are at a high risk of getting caught and killed by Taliban.”

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Léger Poll

Canadians and belief in god

Belief in god is lower in Quebec and among Francophones.

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