AFT Bulletin, 2021-02-04

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10th Annual International Day of Protest
Against Hereditary Religion

“In addition to providing secular schools, how can we help to minimize the religious indoctrination of children? The most important thing is to respect children’s freedom of conscience by not labelling them with the religion of their parents. Any religious identification of children must be avoided because religion should be a matter for adults only.”

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What Was Left Unsaid at the Trial of Bill 21

“Throughout the legal proceedings, lawyers against Bill 21 tried repeatedly to draw an equivalence between religious minorities on the one hand and minorities of other types, such as racial minorities, gays, the disabled, and so on, on the other hand. […] All such comparisons are dishonest and completely ignore the crucial issue of freedom of conscience.”

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Legal Fund

Fundraising Campaign for our Court Intervention in Support of Bill 21

Bill 21

We, Atheist Freethinkers, intervened before Quebec Superior Court in the case against Quebec Bill 21, An Act respecting the laicity of the State, defended by the Attorney-General of Quebec. Our intervention was as a friend and in support of Bill 21, that is for secularism. We seek the support and solidarity of anyone who, like us, supports secularism and recognizes the landmark importance of Bill 21 and the necessity of defending it against the well-funded and reactionary forces who are attempting to turn back the tide of secularization of the Quebec State.

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Global Atheist News 2021

A periodic news service of
Atheist Alliance International (AAI)

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PRESS RELEASE, 2021-01-12

AFT Denounces the Wearing of the Hijab by On-Air CBC Personnel

“The CBC is not a private broadcaster, but rather the public broadcaster of the Canadian nation. Thus, by making this choice, the CBC is using taxpayer money to engage in passive promotion of a religion”

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Justice for Zara Kay!

“We call on the Tanzanian government to immediately drop all the politically-motivated charges against Zara Kay, return her passport and allow her to leave Tanzania. […] We also call on the Australian authorities to intervene and get Zara home to safety.”

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Our Meetups

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Secularism in Geneva

13th February 2021
On-Line Talk by Pierre CLOUTIER ll.m (in French)

The Secularism Law of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the Challenge to this Law before the Courts

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Is Islam Compatible With Western Democracies?

13th March 2021
On-Line Talk by Dr. Sami ALDEEB (in French)

Head of Arab and Muslim Law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law

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