Solidarity with Philippe Magnan

2017-12-14, Updated 2018-01-29

Philippe Magnan, author of the web site Poste de veille (“Observatory” or “Watchtower”), which criticizes radical Islam, its political programme and its growing interference in Quebec society, is being sued by Dalila Awada.

We know that Islamists and their objective allies try to silence all criticism of Islam and of Islamism by any possible means, including the courts. To defend freedom of expression and freedom of conscience, allowing them free rein is not an option!

We therefore urge you to support Philippe Magnan. You may make a donation to his legal fees:

The trial:
8 – 12 January and 25 January 2018
9:30 – 12:30 & 14:00 – 16:30 (approx.)
Palais de justice (courthouse), Montreal

Further information: Poursuite de Dalila Awada : Poste de veille contre-attaque (Suit by Dalila Awada: Poste de veille Counter Attacks). Note that Ms. Awada initially sued Mr. Magnan jointly with two other respondents (Louise Mailloux and Société des amis de Vigile) but she withdrew them last fall (2017). Furthermore, Mr. Magnan is no longer represented by counsel because he lacks the funds to pay the fees.

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